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Bible in a Day Workshop

Bible in a Day

Free Event Hosted by Reach College
  • Learn the Main Themes of the Bible
  • Learn How the Bible is Organized 
  • Learn How the Entire Bible Points to Jesus
  • Grow in Your Relationship with Jesus

About Reach College of Ministry

Reach College has structured our Certificate Programs and Personal Enrichment opportunities in order to help Christians thrive in relationship with God, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and live effectively for the kingdom of God.

Courses are uniquely structured to encourage active discussion, learning to apply theology in real world environments.

We aim to cultivate leaders who will be effective in making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Students who participate in our Ministry Leadership Program will participate in ministry and progress to assuming active leadership roles in ministry, all while under the mentorship of experienced ministry leaders.

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Ministry is not a vocation but a calling for every Christian. Reach College incorporates this conviction into the very fabric of our approach to discipleship.

Adam Parsons — Pastor and Ministry Overseer

Programs Overview

Our programs are designed to offer participation opportunities for every Christian with a desire to cultivate a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. Whether your goal is to increase your grasp of the Christian faith, earn a Certificate, or audit courses for personal enrichment, there is an opportunity for you!


Certificate Program in Theology

Students will enroll in 10 courses (30 credit hours) in fields of study related to theology, apologetics, and leadership. Designed to be completed in as little as 1 year, students who fulfill all requirements will receive a Certificate of Theology.


Certificate Program in Ministry Leadership

Graduates of our Certificate Program of Theology may be invited to enroll in the Ministry Leadership Program, which consists of additional courses in theology and ministry leadership, as well as practicum-specific ministry training. Practicum opportunities include teaching, worship, and nonprofit administration.


Personal Enrichment Program (Audit)

Individuals interested in attending Reach College for personal enrichment may enroll in any course in our Theology Program. The personal enrichment (audit) option provides individuals with access to all lectures in the course, as well as the course syllabus. Auditors may participate in-person or online.

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