Reach College of Ministry

Our pastors and leaders at Calvary Chapel of Tucson have created a path to equip you for the ministry God is calling you to. There are many amazing Bible colleges, seminaries, and Christian universities all over the nation that offer programs of study for this very cause and we fully support heeding the call in that direction. But it is our desire to take part in that call by making available a college of ministry that is accessible to people of any age, that provides quality education and insight from pastors and leaders from our church and those that support the ministries of Calvary Chapel, and that implements hands-on ministry experience through practical application under the guidance of our pastors and leaders.

Accessible to All

Quality Education From Ministry Leaders

Hands-on Experience and Mentorship

Our Vision

We desire to equip Christians of all ages to experience life with God, live out their God-given calling, and engage the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We exist to prepare students academically and spiritually with Biblical theology, direct mentorship, and hands-on ministry training to reach others for Christ.

Our Core Values

Love God: We have the responsibility and privilege to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind. As an act of love, we commit our whole being to understanding the word of God so that we can worship the God of the word.

  • We celebrate academic excellence in theological, apologetic, and leadership studies.
  • We prioritize prayer and personal reflection, committed to the conviction that good theology must influence the heart and soul.
  • We believe that effective ministry is born out of a relationship with God that is active, and anchored in sound theology and faithful prayer.

Love Others: We believe that genuine love for God must manifest itself in loving others through forms of service, both in the church and in the broader community.

  • We believe that discipleship requires academic excellence and hands-on experience. Therefore we require that every student is actively involved in ministry.
  • We believe that every person is uniquely gifted and called by God. Therefore we seek to disciple each student according to their unique gifting and calling.

Ready to Apply?

We offer enrollment opportunities to align for your time allowance and spiritual growth objectives. We have the firm belief that every Christian has the privilege and responsibility of living for the glory of God until the moment we enter heaven. No person is too young or too old to mature in Christ, develop their spiritual gifts, and to influence others for Christ.

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